Selami Caliskan was born in Istanbul. He graduated from the Uskudar Fazilet Private Secondary School for Boys before completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He holds a master’s degree in political history and international relations from Marmara University, where he also earned a PhD with his dissertation “The Paradigm and Founder Effect of Practice in Modern Science.” He is currently pursuing his second PhD in international relations at Medeniyet University. He is the general manager of several companies, including Betages Energy (Solar Energy Company) and Tekhnelogos Software, a software company and R&D center recognized by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry that conducts artificial intelligence–based R&D projects such as a digital hospital, marketplace, and a TUBITAK-supported logistics robot. He is also the chairman of the board of directors at Istanbul Jazari Museum and Durmuş Çalışkan Vakfı Since 2002, he’s been spearheading the digital revolution in Turkey’s engineering sector with the ZetaCAD engineering design program and the DIPOS digital project-confirmation system, which are used in over 5,000 engineering companies in 79 cities in the country. He speaks English and German and has publications in the fields of international relations and the history and philosophy of science. He received the Altin Vana (Golden Valve) award and holds a patent for the Telecontrol device. He is the founding president of the Faziletliler (Virtue) Club.